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Aspect Solutions is a full service professional staffing firm committed to providing businesses with high-quality direct hire, temp-to-direct hire, and contracted short-/long-term staff augmentation services. We are in the business of evaluating and placing the strongest candidates in the following areas:

  • Program and/or project management
  • IT Staffing
  • Administrative and Accounting
  • HR Augmentation
  • Applications, architecture and development
  • Quality assurance (QA leads, testers)
  • Systems engineering.

Our staffing services includes the following

  • Contingent and Temporary Solutions
  • Professional Search
  • Outsourced Project Solutions
  • Payroll Services

For temporary and contingent workers, Aspect Solutions is the right partner to meet your staffing needs. Our innovative and far-reaching recruiting processes deliver talented workers in a variety of fields. We constantly monitor workplace and technology trends, working with our clients to forecast demand and develop staffing strategies.

Aspect Solutions is able to find professionals who match your criteria and are ready to contribute to your team. Let Aspect Solutions manage your search and screening processes, making your search faster and ensuring you find the right professional the first time.

Our Payroll Services enables clients who want to handle their own recruiting to save money with Aspect Solutions administrative support and expertise. You refer the candidate to Aspect Solutions, and Aspect Solutions becomes the employer of record. We handle the time-consuming aspects of payroll processing for the employee, supplying a single, simplified invoice for their service. Whether you’re hiring one person or a whole team, Payroll Services provides improved recruiting flexibility while reducing costs.